Services 1. Relocation Package


In this package we offer to assist with your relocation expenses such as moving and 1st months rent. We understand when facing foreclosure you are experiencing a financial hardship and we would like to alleviate some of that hardship by helping you with certain expenses such as movers and expected rent due in the location you have procured. 

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Services 2. Sell and stay

We understand that finding housing can be difficult and a lengthy process at times. This is why we offer to buy your home and allow you a predetermined time to stay in the home to give you enough time to locate an apartment or resolve your living situation.

Services 3. Short Sale 
If the amount of your mortgage is higher than our offer or market value, we will assist you in originating a Short Sale . A short sale occurs when the sale of a property doesn't net sufficient proceeds to pay the liens secured against the property so therefore we must negotiate with the lender or lenders to accept less than what is owed on the debt to accomplish a sale.